Students orient in their traditional Japanese home base in Kyoto, in a private house with shared bedrooms, full kitchen and a common room for relaxing, studying and hanging out with classmates. When traveling to other cities, students will stay in modern, convenient hotels or comparable housing, centrally located, with modern conveniences and wi-fi access. An Edu-Odyssey assistant stays on site to provide students with 24 hour support and students have an emergency line programmed to reach local response systems and the nearby program-director.

Travel Preparation

Edu-Odyssey programs all include a pre-departure packet that will help you to prepare for your voyage from choosing a plane ticket to packing your bags. Our staff are available every step of the way. Students also are provided full on-site orientation during which they are shown locations of importance near student housing such as grocery stores, doctors, parks and major landmarks to ensure a rapid assimilation. They are also informed of local customs and behaviors to dullen any possible culture shock.

Edu-Odyssey does not book tickets to and from the program for students, that is the responsibility of the student. We can, however, help with air ticket selection if requested.

Trip Schedule

A typical summer session in Japan will entail excursions to the following locations: Todai-ji (Grand Buddha Temple and Deer Petting Park) in Nara, Fushimi Inari (Fox Mountain Shrine Complex), The Imperial Palace of Kyoto, the Ukiyo-e Collection and Samurai Museum of Tokyo, Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko Statue, Massive Kannon War Memorial, Enoshima Island and Shrine, Yasaka Shrine and the Geisha District of Kyoto, Harajuku and Omotesando Fashion and Architectural Neighborhoods in Tokyo, Nishiki Market with Local Foods and Wares, Ginkaku-ji and Kinkaku-ji The famed Temples of the Silver and Golden Pavilions, The birthplace of Kabuki Theater along the Kamo River and festival Days of the Gion Matsuri, largest festival in Japan!!