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Check out our New Courses for 2023

At Edu-Odyssey, we focus on culturally enriching courses that spark the inherent creative leadership and collaborative qualities within each student. Our programs remain tight-knit to be able to tailor the experience to each individual who comes aborad and engages. On that note, we are thrilled to share our new undergraduate listing of courses for 2023.

For a detailed listing, check out our Course Listings Page. In 2023, on top of serving several faculty led programs (in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Greece and Cyprus), conducting online workshops, internships, exchanges and courses, we plan to reopen our regular winter and summer semester travel options to Japan and Thailand.

Our popular winter semester in Thailand takes students through Bangkok, Kanchanaburi and Koh Samui, now with an additional semester in northern Chiang Mai. Students have two options when traveling to Japan, to focus on modern and popular culture in Tokyo, Japan in June, or to hone in on traditional Japanese culture during the Gion Matsuri in July in Kyoto. In total, each mini-mester offers 1-2 fully accredited courses, with lots of hands-on engagement and immersion that makes our programs stand out from our competitors.

This year, we will also offer Spring and Fall online courses, with highlights "Anime Style Character Design" and "Silk Roads: Past, Present and Future".

Institutional partners who encouraged to contact us for our tailored programs, which embody the immersive philosophy and tailoring that have become our trademark. Students can rejoin the world as a stronger, more capable person in 2023 with Edu-Odyssey. Welcome back!

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