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Globe in Greece Interview with Tastes of Damascus Refugee Cafe

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

This year’s Globe in Greece program run was set up for an exciting winter semester of volunteering to help the refugee crisis, right at the time when greater help was most needed due to recent circumstances within Syria and responses between Turkey and the EU. However, due to the emergence of the Corona-virus, many semesters were cancelled and unfortunately, students weren’t able to attend. Not wanting to leave either our NGO partners or our students hanging, our team decided to switch gears and slap together some informative interviews with some of the organizations VCU students were to work with, volunteer for, or speak with so that our students don’t totally miss out. We also want to be able to so our part to spread understanding of these organizations that are struggling creatively through each challenging year to provide for refugees during the crisis. This first video is from Damascus Cafe, a project developed by Za’atar NGO. They also run a number of projects, including Orange House, which provides housing, community support, classes, and many other services to people in need. Links in the video…

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