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On-Site Programs Reopening Winter 2022

Updated: Jan 13

Around the world, study abroad halted for the course of the pandemic to ensure the safety of students, and in compliance with national regulations. We responded by making a shift to digital programming, and working with partners like Forum Tauri and the Asia Institute, as well as local businesses, to offer virtual internships to students, allowing their inquisitive and productive nature to continue to explore through the various lockdowns. Now, as countries begin to safely open their borders and travel begins to return into out lives, studying abroad has returned as an option for students looking to expand past their boundaries and borders, into the creative expanse of the wider world. At this time, it is more important than ever to have a global imagination to meet the demands of the time, and to be able to connect and communicate across our differences. Our study abroad programs, focusing on Global Leadership, Creative Arts and Humanities will resume this winter, beginning in Thailand.

We look forward to the new era of study abroad, with improved focus and new, accredited program offerings both in person and online, to help the next generation of students prepare for the real world challenges, to develop their independence and competence amongst a global community.

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