Study abroad programs offered to Undergraduate and Gap Year Students in fascinating locations around the world, designed for creative immersion, in-depth engagement and social accountability.

Hone your photography with attentive instructors while helping to bathe elephants at a conservatory in Thailand. Explore the unique eras of Japanese culture and politics while walking alongside the Gion Matsuri (festival) in Kyoto. Edu-Odyssey embodies the educational experience in an immersive and fun atmosphere so that students can advance academically and still have a life-changing experience. Our innovative core programs take you out of the classroom by integrating participant creative expression with local experiences through a series of tailored, location-specific courses, often embedded with volunteer opportunities so that we can give back to our hosts and affect positive change.

Our semesters are each unique, but share a few important features. They all include course workshops and lectures, excursions to sites of traditional and contemporary cultural significance, relevant volunteer opportunities wherever possible, interactive experiences and attentive, and constant responsive pre-departure and in-country support! Edu-Odyssey aspires to offer each individual the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.


Our Semesters


Custom Programs

Bespoke programs with curated experiences directly integrated with your curriculum


Our mission as a non-profit pending, academic study abroad program, is to enable participants from all backgrounds to benefit from an international academic adventure.

Thanks to our limited enrollment, we are able to offer tailored courses to the specific level and needs of each student, from beginner to advanced, from experienced traveler to those for whom it is the first trip away from home. We strive to facilitate a deeper inquiry into cultural phenomena as a vantage point from which to view the self in society, with the overarching goal of enhancing the versatility and creative capacity that form the foundation of entrepreneurial spirit and global citizenship. Most of all, we try to create fulfilling experiences that you can take with you down the road.