Asakusa Shrine

Asakusa Shrine

Our philosophy

Know thyself is the famous inscription carved into the stone at the Temple of Apollo on the Greek island of Delphi. Yet how can the self be understood without exploration? How can it be understood without realizing one's local and international context? Possibly the most difficult journey in life is the formation and understanding of one's character and relation to others in the world at large. Edu-Odyssey, with its uniquely immersive program structure, provides essential pieces of that puzzle for students, should they decide to look. We provide a platform for individual journey inward and outward, and try our best to make that transformative journey available to all students who seek it.


Why study abroad?

There are many reasons to study abroad, including personal expansion, creating international friendships and networking, gaining a global perspective and broadening your future career prospects. Ask yourself, what is YOUR reason?

Studying abroad is one of the life choices most widely acclaimed as rewarding and you are virtually assured a degree of personal growth. IIE, among other organizations, have conducted extensive research in the benefits of studying abroad. It is certainly not just for entertainment. Studying abroad has been linked to increased work ethic, international and intercultural awareness, leadership, flexibility and adaptability, communication skills, confidence, problem-solving skills, self-awareness, teamwork and tolerance for ambiguity.

Many companies look at study abroad as a crucial real-life experience that can reflect on the character, adaptability and drive of the individual. It is also a useful and fun way to connect with other people you meet who have traveled to the same locations. Study Abroad is an invaluable experience in breaking through to adulthood and opening new doors and windows.

Fushimi Inari Temple Exploration

Fushimi Inari Temple Exploration

Before You Go

Studying abroad, whether for the first time or as an experienced globetrotter, can be an intimidating venture. Before the start of each semester we help our students to prepare for their destination with packets of general and specific program guidelines and travel tips. We also provide a detailed orientation on site to familiarize new students with host cultures, including insights into local values and behaviors. Our instructors, assistants and guides are available to students throughout the semester.

Be sure to read through our guides once you have been accepted to a program, including tips and fun facts about local areas, school rules and regulations as well as country policies and a helpful packing guide for each location. 


Koh Samui Temple Photography Class

Koh Samui Temple Photography Class


Undergraduate University students, High School Gap Year students and non-traditional or Continuing Education students are welcome to engage in Edu-Odyssey programs to explore the far reaches of the world through socially engaged semesters that enable one to return wiser, more knowledgeable and globally aware. Take advantage of our winter semesters, summer semesters, and May-mesters spread throughout the year to help students fit study abroad into any schedule. 

Students are the backbone of Edu-Odyssey programs and we believe in the power of carefully crafted study abroad programs to enhance individuals life insights, decision making, broad understanding and international functionality. Our programs are designed to maximize your exposure to significant sites, movements and events while delivering insightful and inspirational academic courses within underserved program locations.

To apply click "Apply Now" and let us know a bit about yourself. For Application information, check out our "Admissions" page.

Ang Thong Wildlife Park Field Trip

Ang Thong Wildlife Park Field Trip


Faculty from existing universities can use Edu-Odyssey's program development and implementation services when aspiring to plan a trip for students to one of our current locations. We offer program planning and guidance for faculty with the option of having our staff support and courses according to your university's needs. We can even help you to tailor your classes to derive the greatest benefit and involvement from each specific location and to embed local excursions in a meaningful way.

If you are a faculty member thinking of offering a study abroad semester for your students in one of our locations, contact us to begin the conversation! Our staff has developed successful international programs tailored to university aims and requirements for over a decade. We will offer you the support you need at reasonable costs.

Kanchanaburi Volunteering Day

Kanchanaburi Volunteering Day


Exploration doesn't end when you graduate. Adult and Continuing Education learners are welcome on most of Edu-Odyssey programs. Our hands on programs can enrich the most seasoned traveler as well as the novice. We even facilitate certain tailored modifications for adult program attendees if needed to allow them to maximize their time abroad and to learn at an appropriate level of advancement for their years of experience and previous studies. 

As an adult attendee you can tailor your semester to focus on specific project work like advancement on a portfolio or written piece, adapt your housing for your specific needs or participate in independent study carefully tutored and designed by our instructors. 

Creativity and engagement in ideas are at the core of our philosophy, and this applies to Edu-Odyssey undergraduate and gap year sessions as well to sessions attended by adult learners. Creativity and understanding know no bounds, so why should you?




As a non-profit pending educational organization that aspired to both enable students from all backgrounds to gain formative international experience and to shape interactions abroad in a beneficial way for each host country,  we often collaborate with humanitarian and educational organizations around the world to better improve our service to students and to areas in need. Organizations we have worked with in the past include Refugee Distribution Centers, Refugee Shelters and Aid Organizations, Elephant Sanctuaries and Orangutan Conservation Groups.

For partners in industry we also offer training modules and team building and relations sessions led by experienced professionals and tailored to your organizational needs. 

If you would like to partner with Edu-Odyssey, reach out to us through our contact page and we will we happy to respond as soon as possible.