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 Winter Session: December 27th - January 17th (3 weeks)

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Studying abroad can provide students with unique opportunities to gain global experience and develop a more nuanced understanding of different cultures and societies. An invaluable skill in today's globalized world, where international business, communication, and cultural exchange are increasingly vital. Thailand is an emerging economic power in Southeast Asia, and a core member of ASEAN, with a rapidly growing economy, multicultural urban environments and a strategic location that makes it an important hub for understanding Southeast Asia. 

Culturally, Thailand had much to offer student of Global Studies, Business, Humanities and other disciplines. It is a culturally rich and geographically country, with a unique heritage and history spanning housands of years. From ancient Buddhist temples and traditional music and dance, to modern art and cuisine, Thailand offers a wealth of cultural experiences that students will engage in . In Edu-Odyssey program, students get engaged in the host nation with educational excursions and hands-on activties. In these accredited courses, students go beyond the classroom. 


One of the most distinctive features of Thai culture is its blend of traditional and modern influences. While Thailand has modernized rapidly in recent years, with bustling cities and a growing economy, the country has also preserved many of its traditional customs and practices. From elaborate festivals and ceremonies to ancient traditions in crafts and textiles, Thailand offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences that are deeply rooted in its history and heritage.

Studying Thai culture can also provide students with valuable insights into the history and traditions of Southeast Asia, a region with a rich and complex history of cultural exchange and interaction. As one of the largest and most influential countries in the region, Thailand has played a significant role in shaping the culture and history of Southeast Asia, making it an important case study for students interested in studying the region.​

Throughout the program, the historic importance of each city will be woven into the coursework, showcasing how Thailand's unique history has shaped its course. By exploring these themes through the lens of Thai culture and leadership practices, participants will gain a deeper appreciation of the role that history plays in shaping leadership styles and approaches. This academic focus on history and culture is designed to equip participants with the tools and knowledge they need to be effective global leaders in today's rapidly changing world.


The study program, held over two weeks in late December and early January, is focused on exploring the rich history and cultural heritage of Thailand, with a leadership aspect that aims to extend the lessons of travel into workable skills. Participants will have the opportunity to visit three distinct cities in Thailand: Bangkok, Ayuttaya, and Chiang Mai, each with a unique historic and cultural significance. Students will engage with the ecological, social, political, historic and creative aspects of the nation.



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This undergraduate course on Thai history and culture offers an immersive learning experience in the heart of Thailand, designed to provide students with a deep and nuanced understanding of one of the most culturally rich and diverse countries in Southeast Asia. Through excursions to key historical and cultural sites, students will engage in a variety of experiential learning activities, such as visits to ancient temples and palaces, traditional markets or crafts villages, and museums and cultural centers. They will also have the opportunity to participate in traditional Thai cultural practices.


At the same time, the course includes a rigorous academic program that explores key themes in Thai history and culture, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the historical, social, and cultural dimensions of Thai society. Students will engage with primary sources and scholarly literature to critically analyze key historical events and cultural practices, and to explore the ways in which cultural identity is constructed and negotiated in Thai society. They will also examine contemporary issues in Thai society, including social inequality, political instability, and cultural globalization, and consider the ways in which these issues are shaped by historical and cultural factors. By the end of the course, students will have a solid grounding in the historical, social, and cultural dimensions of Thai society, and a greater appreciation for the complex intersections between culture, history, and identity.


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This immersive undergraduate leadership course takes place in Thailand and explores the differences in leadership across contexts and cultures. Students will have the opportunity to experience the unique leadership styles and practices of Thai culture through interactions with local leaders and organizations.

Throughout the course, students will analyze and compare different leadership theories and practices across cultures, while also developing their own leadership skills through practical exercises and workshops. The program includes visits to various cultural and historical sites throughout Thailand, such as the Grand Palace and Democracy Square, as well as discussions on modern politics and economic development. By examining the complex intersection of leadership, culture, and context, students will leave the program with a deeper understanding of the role that leadership plays in shaping societies, and the skills and tools necessary to lead effectively in diverse environments.

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Thai History, Society and Culture

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Leadership Across Cultures: Asia

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Traditional Martial Arts in Asia


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1 Class (3 Credits) - $3,525
2 Classes (6 Credits) - $3,975

Included: Tuition Centrally Located hotel Accommodation in Bangkok and Chiang Mai,

Transit and Entry Fees or Tickets for included Excursions,

Class Fees and most Materials,  

Round Trip Flight to Chiang Mai,

24 Hour On-Site Support and as Needed,

Welcome and Farewell Dinners 

Not Included: Flights to/from Thailand,

Visa Fees, Additional Meals and Expenses

See our Financial Aid info under Application for Additional Funding for your Study Abroad

*Programs are subject to change as deemed fit due to inclement weather, availability and varying circumstances as Edu-Odyssey adapts to provide the best experience for students.

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