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Fall Semester: July 29th - November 22nd, 2019 (Applications due June 7th)

Spring Semester: February 25th - June 21st, 2020 (Applications due January 7th)


This study abroad option provides a vibrant, innovative and impactful campus experience ranked among the top one percent of universities worldwide. The curriculum focuses on embracing and fostering an international campus, so students have the opportunity to collaborate, innovate and grow with other students from numerous countries, industry partners and friendly locals.

By studying abroad for one or two semesters, students will be situated deep in the heart of the Sarawak region. Located in Miri, second largest town in Sarawak and home to a variety of local cultures, customs and crafts with nearby mangrove forests,beaches, rainforests, mountains, and the UNESCO heritage site of Gunung Mulu National Park.

Students have the chance to explore these sites and more while choosing among the university’s full course offerings and certain internships. Students will emerge with a solid understanding and wealth of personal experience to not only strengthen one's intellectual understanding of cultural differences and the specific characteristics of this fascinating area, but of overarching principles that affect all world cultures, as well as our own.

With more than 100 courses to choose from ranging from STEM topics, through the humanities and arts, students are guided through practical, applied and industry-linked subjects interlaced with international, cultural and Indigenous awareness. Courses are taught with student’s careers and future in mind, as well as an emphasis on making the most of your time abroad. Mentoring programs, industry placement and internships are options for incoming students of one or more semesters.

Undergraduate students can enroll in regular courses, and Gap year or high school students have access to Foundation Courses, at a relieved pace, allowing for a tailored experience. You can also rest assured that your education is benefiting the local environment and world at large, as Curtin dedicated much of it’s research to achieving and advancing the cause of sustainability. The latest available technology ensures the campus minimizes it’s footprint and contributes to the surrounding ecosystem in the long term. Would you like to be a part of the solution?

Culture and Ecology of Borneo


This course will focus on Malaysia, and in particular Borneo's history, culture and social organization, supplemented with experiences amongst traditional tribal communities and modern communities of contemporary Borneo, allowing a comprehensive view of the myriad lifestyles and cultural creativity of the area. Including a survey of the geographical and ecological make-up of Borneo, we will move on to study the social fabric of Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei and Kalimantan. Students will become familiar with landmark phases through which Borneo has evolved such as the Brooke rule, the Japanese Occupation, a period of British Colonialism and the Independence Wave and pursue a more advanced understanding of the entwinement of historical occurrences and cultural outcomes towards an enhanced appreciation of the region. Specific course topics include Sarawak History, the Austronesian Migration, Material Cultures of Borneo and more. This course also contains a travel component during which students will experience first-hand the diversity of local people and land, and complete excursion based workshops.*

PADI Open Water Diving Certification Course

Get in on the action with the PADI Open Water DIving Course- a one-week special addition to Borneo Cultural Studies that takes place from June 8-15th. Students learn to use basic equipment as well as is application for use in different climates. They learn basic safety concepts and facts that will empower them in the water. And, best of all, they Dive!!

All dives take place within the spectacular, 186 000 hectare Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park. During the PADI Open Water Diving Course students reside centrally in the town of Miri and spend a relaxing, enjoyable week completing pre-course readings for Borneo Cultural Studies and engaging in Dive Instruction leading to 4 Days of Dives.

If you are already Certified, ask us about our ‘Just Diving’ Option.

All students are invited to Sign Up for our Additional 2 Day course in Digital Underwater Photography, taking place after the Certification Course, that shares the technical aspects of underwater photography as well as the creative. This addition is at an extra cost.

Prerequisites: Adequate swimming skills and good physical health.

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Tuition is determined according to your course-load and can vary depending on your Foundation course load, Undergraduate or Graduate Field of Study. If you are interested in applying, submit an application to get started and we will help you select your housing and course options. Typically, tuition for a semester is under $6000 USD.


Tuition includes Class and Credit Fees, Transcripts, Round the Clock support and Tutorial Assistance as Needed, Tuition does not include airfare.

*Programs are subject to change as deemed fit due to inclement weather, availability and varying circumstances as Edu-Odyssey adapts to provide the best experience for students.

Program Features

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