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"Brush is the sword of mind because shodo unites arts of war and peace..."


This multidisciplinary course combines Shodo (the art of traditional Japanese calligraphic brushwork) with Bushido (the traditional Japanese martial way) as described by Miyamoto Musashi in his classic treatise "The Book of Five Rings".


This course is designed to facilitate creative leadership in students as well as to educate them around traditional Japanese martial philosophies and practices through interactive discussion and practice.


The course will explain the tools of traditional Shodo practice and introduce students to the symbolic meaning of kanji characters (as ideographic symbols) as well as their philosophical underpinnings while completing calligraphy practice, merging the artistic discipline of calligraphy with the philosophical and historic study of Bushido.


Our motto is “Brush is the Sword of Mind”. 

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The tools,materials, terminology, techniques and styles of East Asian calligraphy. 

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•    cultivate skills to express our creativity and uniqueness by using techniques of calligraphy,

•    develop a deeper understanding of East Asian way of thinking by working on its building blocks, the kanji characters.

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Requirements for prospective students

•    An open mind to new ideas and perspectives, 

•    A strong sense of curiosity, 

•    An appetite for self-expression through art,

•    A basic set for calligraphy: sumi ink (liquid), a traditional brush, paper for practicing (preferably A3 size), a piece of felt cloth (to put under the paper while working), a paperweight.

•    No prior knowledge of East Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese etc.) is necessary.

•    No prior experience or education in arts required. 

•    Familiarity with martial arts and dojo discipline is an asset but not a must.


* Recommended for learners of Japanese studies, Asian studies, philosophy, symbolism, arts, business administration, leadership, martial arts...

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